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Check the 'Make Internet Fair' Campaign and sign the petition!

29 August 2018

check the make internet fair campaign

With a few weeks left for the European Parliament to vote on the ‘Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market’, on 10th September 2018, the 'Make Internet Fair' petition is backing up the amendment of the EU Copyright Directive and is still calling for action. If you are a creator and haven’t signed it yet, you can do so here

This has already been signed by 37,000 creators from all over Europe.

The new directive will provide legal certainty for consumers and appropriate remuneration for creators. The petition also calls for the following measures:

  • clarification over user uploaded content (UUC) platforms, such as Youtube and Facebook, making creators’ work available under copyright law;

  • ensuring that the safe harbour non-liability regime does not apply to the UUC platforms, meant for technical intermediaries only.

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