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IP Crime in the UK research project

In 2020, we launched a new research project led by the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI)

The project will examine the structure and disruption of illicit finance flows from intellectual property crime in the UK, and the findings are due to be published in early 2021.

The project is co-funded by the UK Intellectual Property Office, and Alliance members: MPA, BASE and the Premier League.

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Dan Guthrie, Director General for the Alliance for Intellectual Property: 

“We know there is serious criminality involved in counterfeiting and piracy but we don’t have a deep understanding of how these criminals operate and how it links to other forms of crime.  The in-depth study by RUSI will provide an opportunity to shine a light on a form of criminality that brings cultural, economic and social damage across our communities.  We will then look forward to sharing the research with law enforcement bodies and policymakers to find ways to reduce this harmful crime."

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