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About the Alliance

About the Alliance

Established in 1998, the Alliance for Intellectual Property (IP) is a UK-based coalition of 21 organisations representing IP-rich businesses and creators, who are vital to our economy. Our members include representatives of the audiovisual, music, toy and games, business software, sports rights, branded manufactured goods, publishing, retailing, image, art, and design sectors. Our members share a collective interest in ensuring that people are able to enjoy the content and products they love and creators can fully realise the value of their innovation.


We campaign to make sure that IP rights are valued in the UK by ensuring there is a strong legislative and regulatory regime to protect them. We work across Government, Parliament, law enforcement bodies, consumer groups, and other policy organisations to build a greater understanding of IP and advocate positive policy change.

Alliance for IP - online protection
Alliance for IP - music
Alliance for IP - design


Staff and board

Staff and board

Dan Guthrie photo.jpg

Daniel Guthrie

Director General

Dids Macdonald


Chief Executive,


Bill Bush


Executive Director,

Premier League

Kim Bayley


Chief Executive,



Reema Selhi


Legal and Policy Manager


Francesca Thorogood

Policy and Public Affairs Executive

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