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British IP Day shines a light on British Success

29th June 2021

Today The Alliance for Intellectual Property celebrates this year’s British IP Day by showcasing a number of innovative businesses, creators and sectors whose creativity is underpinned by Intellectual Property (IP).


Once again, our celebrations are having to take place virtually but as the economy begins to re-open post-lockdown, we are keen to show how IP-rich businesses and creativity can make a positive contribution to the post pandemic economic recovery.

In April’s Budget, the Government announced its plan to develop a new Innovation Strategy to support and shape economic recovery post-COVID-19.  We expect the Strategy to be published in the Summer and with IP and innovation being so intrinsically linked, we have made innovation our theme for this year’s British IP Day


Today, creators, businesses and their representative bodies will share their success stories of skill, creativity and innovation, underpinned by IP and how the best of British creators earn a living whilst delivering great designs, brands and content that people love and use day-to-day.


We are holding three themed events during the day including a keynote speech from Amanda Solloway MP, Minister for Science, Research and Innovation in which she will be discussing the new innovation strategy, the economic contribution of IP industries, and how IP industries can lead post-covid economic recovery.


We will then be joined by Adam Williams, Director of International Policy at the IPO, who will talk about trade negotiations, how the IP Attaché network can help support businesses around the world, and from Pragya Chaturvedi, the IP Attaché based in India, who will discuss the potential trade agreement with India.


In our final session, we will meet with Chi Unwurah MP, Shadow Minister for Digital, Science and Technology who will provide an insight on how IP can support the Labour Party’s Our Digital Futures. She will also be hearing from individual creators, micro and small businesses about their innovations and how their work would not be able to flourish without IP protection support. We will also be announcing the winner of this year’s IP Champion Award.


During the day, we will also be showcasing creativity and innovation from IP-rich businesses, including a games developer, a world-renowned author, the Premier League, artists, and the film sector.


Commenting on this year’s British IP Day, Dan Guthrie, Director General of the Alliance for Intellectual Property said:


“At this time, more than ever, we need to be creative and innovative across the economy to help us recover post-pandemic.  Creators and businesses need to be able to protect their ideas through having a strong IP framework.  Today we will show that as a country we are bursting with ideas but they need protecting and we hope the Government reflects that need by featuring IP throughout its forthcoming innovation strategy.” 

Notes to editors


About the Alliance

The Alliance for Intellectual Property is a unique association of organisations representing UK Intellectual Property (IP) -rich businesses and creators – sectors which despite the COVID pandemic, continue to demonstrate significant growth potential, and which in recent times have outperformed the wider economy. Our members include representatives of the audio-visual, music, toy and games, sports rights, branded manufactured goods, publishing, retailing, image, art, and design sectors. They share a collective interest in ensuring that IP rights are valued in the UK and around the world, and that a legislative regime exists that enables the value and contribution of those rights to be fully realised. They have the potential to lead the UK’s economic recovery post-COVID, through their innovation, risk-taking, and commercial acumen.


British IP Day

Now in its sixth year, British IP Day offers the opportunity for those who rely on IP for their living to engage with policymakers to raise the profile of IP and some of the issues that currently exist in its promotion and protection.

Creators and businesses featured at @AllianceIP


  • Jagex on the renowned online game, RuneScape, and how its huge popularity and continuing investment in innovation have been underpinned by IP. 


  • Anthony Horowitz, author and screenwriter, including Foyles War and the Alex Rider collection on how IP supports not just his endeavours but so many others across the creative industries.


  • The Premier League (PL) giving us a behind-the-scenes look at Premier League Productions that distributes live games, commentary and accompanying shows across every region of the world.


  • Gordon Wise, literary agent at Curtis Brown about his work supporting writers, actors, performers, directors and literary estates.


  • Rut Blees Luxemburg and Sarah Taylor Silverwood who stressed the importance of IP to artists.


  • Stan McCoy from the Motion Picture Association, discussing the inner workings of UK film and production such as the use of digitalisation and technology, and how this supports UK jobs and growth.

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