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IP Champion Award 2022

6th July 2022

Wednesday 6th July 2022 marked the 7th annual British IP Day, a celebration that showcases a range of innovative businesses, creators and sectors whose creativity is underpinned by Intellectual Property (IP).

Across the UK there are individuals, businesses, and organisations who work to promote and protect intellectual property (IP), enabling British innovation and creativity to thrive. The Alliance for Intellectual Property’s IP Champion Award aims to recognise these efforts by rewarding a person, initiative, service or organisations that help in the protection or promotion of IP. The award is given to the winner each year on British IP Day, normally at a reception on the terrace of the House of Commons.

Awarded IP Champion 2022:

Phil Lewis, Director General, The Anti-Counterfeiting Group (ACG)

Phil Lewis.jpg

This year, the Alliance for IP awarded Phil Lewis the IP Champion Award 2022 in recognition of his tireless dedication and achievements within intellectual property (IP) enforcement. Phil overseas the work of the Anti-Counterfeiting Group with great dedication and is a master at working with other IP enforcement agencies within Europe and beyond.


In 2001, Phil joined the Intellectual Property Office (IPO), where he was responsible for developing and leading on the UK’s first National IP Crime Strategy. He also represented UK IP enforcement at G8 level and served as a member of the Northern Ireland Organized Crime Task Force.

Phil’s dedication also extends internationally whereby he has chaired the United Nations Advisory Group (UNECE) on IP protection and enforcement and was an adviser to the Interpol Action Group. No less, Phil conceived and developed the EU Observatory on IP Infringements of IP Rights, an invaluable European network that has aided experts to internationally engage and collaborate with one another in shaping more effective IP enforcement policies.


With over two decades of experience, Phil has extensively worked in building stronger cooperation to support both effective recognition of IP rights and enforcement of rights for the benefits of rights owners and the wider creative economy. Phil’s extensive contributions, accomplishments and continued efforts are recognised by the IP Champion Award.

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