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British IP Day 2020

1 July 2020


July 1st 2020 marks our fifth year of British IP Day!

Whilst we were unable to hold our usual celebrations in Parliament on British IP Day, we were sure to not let lockdown stop us from showcasing the huge contribution that IP makes to the UK. As we recover from the economic effects of COVID-19, now more than ever we are committed to ensuring that the voice of creators are heard.

With the Trade Bill currently passing through Parliament, IP & Trade took focus during this year's IP Day activities. 

To aid the ongoing Parliamentary debates, the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Intellectual Property held an online meeting, bringing together parliamentarians and IP and trade experts, in order to highlight the priority trade issues for IP sectors.​

We presented the annual IP Champion Award, awarded to those who have taken an active role in promoting the protection of IP, and fighting against IP infringement.​
 This went to the dedicated trio of Baroness Neville-Rolfe, Lord Clement-Jones, and Pete Wishart MP, who have worked tirelessly over the years to raise the profile of IP in and around Parliament.
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Our members came to virtually celebrate IP Day - view our social media video:

Hear from Parliamentarians on why IP is so important to the UK:

Dan Guthrie

Director General, Alliance for IP

“As we begin the slow recovery from COVID-19, maximizing the potential of our creators and IP-reliant industries will be even more vital.  Every pound lost to counterfeiting and piracy is a pound lost to our economy and one that can’t be reinvested in the content, designs, products and services that the British people love.  As trade negotiations intensify it is vital that we use them to protect our IP system and ensure other countries do the same to support global IP creators”

Tim Moss

CEO, UK Intellectual Property Office

“British IP Day is a great time to reflect on how IP underpins so much that makes life easier, safer, prosperous and more enjoyable. It is so much more than just the process of granting patents, registering trademarks and designs, and copyright. IP matters. It is the backbone of innovation and creativity, and its importance has been reinforced during recent efforts to resolve COVID-19 pandemic challenges. It will also play an important role as the thread running through the recovery of economies across world nations as IP-rich organisations contribute to our return to full strength as an innovative and creative nation.”

IP Crime in the UK research project

On British IP Day, we launched a new research project led by the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI).


The project will examine the structure and disruption of illicit finance flows from intellectual property crime in the UK.

The project is co-funded by the UK Intellectual Property Office, and Alliance members: MPA, BASE and the Premier League.

Dan Guthrie, Director General for the Alliance for Intellectual Property: 

“We know there is serious criminality involved in counterfeiting and piracy but we don’t have a deep understanding of how these criminals operate and how it links to other forms of crime.  The in-depth study by RUSI will provide an opportunity to shine a light on a form of criminality that brings cultural, economic and social damage across our communities.  We will then look forward to sharing the research with law enforcement bodies and policymakers to find ways to reduce this harmful crime."

If you would like to contribute to this research, please get in touch with Ardi Janjeva at ardij at rusi dot org.

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